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For All Ages

No age limit. No language barriers. Only requirement: an inquisitive mind.


A Tech IQ check. We assess your current technology skills and suggest an appropriate learning plan.

Bridging Gaps

In a fast-changing digital world, there is a widening divide between generations. Modern technologies (such as smartphones and tablets) and social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) are such indispensable aspects of teens' lives, that we can't even envision a world without them. The best strategy for curtailing that divide is to zero in on teaching common collaborative tools to all ages.

Setting Standards

Inspiration & Innovation

 Our organization works towards cultivating your intrinsic love for technology and elevating it to a whole new level. Through our workshops, we offer you an opportunity at digital freedom to connect with the world around you.

Implementing a comprehensive and flexible curriculum, our technology workshops are designed to combine interactive sessions with integrated handouts and one-on-one consultation .